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This is a site for beer lovers. Here you can browse through all the beers that the users of Beer Top List have tested and rated and see what they thought about them. Registration is simple and free and offers the possibility of rating and tagging beers, commenting on your favorite beers and uploading pictures. All registered users also gets two personal RSS feeds where you can follow the latest rated beers and the favorite beers of each user.


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Java ME

Download the Java ME application by:

  • If you are in Sweden: send an SMS to 71707 with the text BEER and click on the link in the response SMS and accept installation
  • Otherwise open the web browser in the phone and go to the following address: https://www.beertoplist.com/mobile/beer.jad

Top 3 beers of the month
* Name Avg rating
I T BFM La Torpille 4.10
I T BFM Cuvée Alex le Ro... 4.10
I Cigar City Jai Alai ... 3.95

* Indicates Images, Comments and Tags on a beer

2013-06-14   Beer Top List is updated with a new, fresh and appealing look and a much improved user experience
2012-02-25   The number of registered users at Beer Top List have now reached 500
2012-02-25   The new version 1.5 of Beer Top List for Android with lots of improvements released
2011-11-05   The new version 1.4 of Beer Top List for Android with support for sharing over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, a new search beer dialog and get all ratings for one beer released
2011-09-10   The new version 1.3 of Beer Top List for Android released with sorting support, offline rating and list of beers rated by a user